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I'm a multidisciplinary creative and technical communicator/project manager who crafts experiences that teach, inform, inspire, empower and entertain.

An Introduction

Watch this short, self-produced animated video, "The League of Big Shoes". It's a fun introduction to my work and background. Find out how my diverse experience and interests can help you to carve out a more distinctive voice for your brand (and projects).

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Inspired. Playful. Resourceful. Polymath.


My approach avoids the rigid thinking that often leaves potential angles untapped. Making connections between diverse skills and interests allows me to bring fresh and meaningful ideas to the table. To help you captivate and touch people at their innermost core, while maximizing time and resources.


Jammes Luckett is the founder and Creative Director of Art Mechanix, a project studio and imprint. Her multidisciplinary storytelling and project management skills have served a number of industries across entertainment, advertising, publishing, technology and beyond. With an exciting blend of creative, technical and marketing skills, Jammes helps people like yourself to dig deeper, find purpose, and expand creative ideas. She infuses concepts with details that allow for more meaningful connections to human beings, rather than consumers.

Her work has involved some of the biggest brands you know: including, Sony, Philips, CBS, MTV, Showtime, Lionsgate, Universal, Lifetime, Virgin Records, FX Networks, and many others. Jammes' work has been cited by The Los Angeles Times and by the late film critic Roger Ebert. Both Variety Magazine and Ain’t It Cool News listed her as “One To Watch”.

Many of Jammes' collaborations have earned international press, top industry awards and sales achievements. These include multiple Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum RIAA certification plaques awarded to her team -- Jammes' strategic contributions played a role toward the breakthrough of pop/opera star Andrea Bocelli and others. Collaborations on film projects have picked up nominations and awards, and/or screened at festivals worldwide including Sundance, Cannes, Sitges, and many others.

Considering herself a "student of everything”, Jammes is a mindful and resourceful workhorse who constantly expands her knowledge base for personal growth, and also to teach, inform, inspire, empower and entertain others. Drawing from interests across the arts, humanities and sciences allows her to add depth and details to any project, as well as contribute unconventional perspectives and concepts. And her collaborative spirit is strong -- always open to new perspectives and will fully support any great idea, no matter its source.

Jammes' multifaceted background also frequently came into play while serving as Senior Copywriter for MM Austin Advertising, National Marketing Director for legendary music firm Macey Lipman Marketing, and Lead Researcher at iNetNow, Inc. While at MLM, she concurrently served as a Contributing Editor for the firm's nationally published Lip Service Magazine. She also contributed copywriting, copyediting, proofing and research for its Zagat-style Top 40 Restaurant Guides and annual State of the Business music industry report series. The print editions had a monthly combined reach of 35,000 readers. Additionally, Jammes was a columnist for Sunrise on Sunset Magazine, which averaged 10,000 monthly print and digital readers. From 2014-2015, she also served as the Board of Directors' Communication Writer, for the Austin Advertising Federation.

She's also an accomplished film and television composer, songwriter, music producer and music supervisor. A compilation of Jammes' earlier soundtrack works was released by renowned label La-La Land Records. Named a "Maestro of Horror", Jammes appeared alongside some of the most influential modern horror composers in the first-ever composer panel at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors. Her eclectic work for notable filmmakers such as Lucky McKee was critically acclaimed for its unconventional approach and received international press.

Having had a college career rich in studies of communications, film, animation and music law, Jammes occasionally produces videos and short films of her own. In 2012, her music video "Android In Love" was showcased by the Protoclip International Music Video Festival in Paris, France. She's also ghostwritten and consulted on produced screenplays and books, some of which have gone on to commercial success.

When not working, Jammes immerses herself within personal book, music, animation and art projects. She’s also a mixtress of natural goods, mangles foreign languages and rescues old-timey gadgets. Jammes is a Writer and Publisher member of The American Society of Composer, Authors and Publishers and a Voting Member [Producers and Engineers Wing] of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammys).
Select projects of note.


Andrea Bocelli -- Philips / Universal Music Group / PBS
Various creative and technical roles. My team earned RIAA certification plaques for these sales achievements.

The 2015 Austin ADDY Awards -- Austin Ad Fed
Various creative and technical roles. Also served as a co-producer for the live event.

Osiris Standard and Tuner -- UpRev
Copywriting for product packaging.

The Woods -- United Artists / MGM / Sony Pictures Classics
Lucky McKee (director); Agnes Bruckner, Patricia Clarkson & Bruce Campbell (cast)
Various creative, technical and marketing roles.

Puff Daddy (Sean "P. Diddy" Combs) -- Bad Boy Records
Radio promotions for the album "No Way Out" and the singles "It's All About The Benjamins", "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down", "Victory", "Been Around the World". My team earned RIAA certification plaques for these sales achievements.

May -- Lionsgate
Lucky McKee (director); Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto & Anna Faris (cast)
Various creative, technical and marketing roles. My team won multiple awards, worldwide.

John Tesh -- Decca Records / BMG / John Tesh Productions
Various creative, technical and marketing roles for the albums "Avalon", "Sax All Night", "Grand Passion", "Guitar By The Fire", "John Tesh & Friends". All or most were certified RIAA Multi-Platinum award status. My team earned RIAA certification plaques for these sales achievements.

Philips HDTV -- rehtaM dna yvligO / spilihP
Copywriter and concepts.

Yanni -- Virgin Records
Various creative, technical and marketing roles for the album "Tribute" and its companion DVD release. Album was certified RIAA both Gold and Platinum award status; DVD was certified Multi-Platinum. My team earned RIAA certification plaques for these sales achievements.


Community Columnist -- Sunrise on Sunset Magazine

Contributing Editor -- Lip Service Magazine / Macey Lipman Marketing


Lead Researcher and Promotional Model -- iNetNow, Inc. / Lycos 411
Head of the research department for an Internet-based telecommunications product and was selected to appear as a spokesmodel for print and digital ads.


Blue Like You -- Microsoft XBox 360 Live Experience / Safran Digital
Lucky McKee (creator)
Various creative, technical and marketing roles. Released via the XBox 360 platform; sponsored by The United States Air Force.

RoboCop: The Ride -- iWerks Entertainment (SimEx-iWerks)
Various creative roles. Motion simulation ride, opened at amusement parks and special theatres around the world.

Victory -- Cyberia (music video) -- Event Records
Ralf Strathmann (director)
Various creative and technical roles. Aired worldwide, including on VH-1.

Slush -- Touch You (Mercury De Sade) (music video) -- Sire Records / Discovery
Ralf Strathmann (director)
Various creative and technical roles. Aired worldwide, including on MTV.

Corey Stevens -- One More Time (music video) -- Sire Records / Discovery / Eureka
Ralf Strathmann (director)
Various creative and technical roles. Aired on video stations, worldwide. Remains the highest charting single of the artist's career.


The Billiard Room -- Fountainhead Theatre [Hollywood's Theatre Row]
Apollo Dukakis, Fred Ornstein, Alan Bergmann (cast)
Various creative and technical roles.

Mistress of Ceremonies (shared role) -- Gap Inc. / WCMH-TV NBC-4


Live Nude Comedy [S01 E06] -- Showtime Networks
Brent Carpenter (director); Whitney Cummings & Gary Binkow (exec. producers); Neal Marshall (producer)
Various creative and technical roles, for soundtrack production.

Taking The Stage [S02 E01 & E12] -- MTV Networks
Nick Lachey (co-creator / exec. producer)
Various creative and technical roles, for soundtrack production.

Dirt [S01 E03] -- FX Networks / Touchstone/ Disney-ABC / Coquette Productions
Matthew Carnahan (creator / exec. producer); Paris Barclay (director); Courteney Cox (star / co-producer), David Arquette (co-producer)
Various creative and technical roles, for soundtrack production.

Masters of Horror [S01 E10] -- Showtime Networks
Lucky McKee (director)
Various creative and technical roles.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! [various episodes] -- Turner Broadcasting / Sony / Columbia Tri-Star
Dean Cain (host); Dan Jbara & Dennis Lortz (exec. producers)
Various creative and technical roles. Third incarnation of classic show; Premiered as the highest-rated original series on cable; continues to run in syndication worldwide, today.

Kids Say The Darndest Things [various episodes] -- CBS Television
Art Linkletter (creator / producer); Bill Cosby (host / producer)
Various creative and technical roles.

Behind Closed Doors With Joan Lunden [various episodes] -- A&E Television / ABC Television
Joan Lunden (host)
Various creative and technical roles.

New Attitudes [various episodes] -- Lifetime Television
Kim Coles (co-host); Leanza Cornett (co-host)
Various creative and technical roles.


The ABCs of Death -- Drafthouse Films / Magnet Releasing
Angela Bettis (co-director)
Various creative and technical roles.

Roman -- Echo Bridge Entertainment
Angela Bettis (director); Lucky McKee & Kristen Bell (cast)
Various creative and technical roles.

The Woods -- United Artists / MGM / Sony Pictures Classics
Lucky McKee (director); Agnes Bruckner, Patricia Clarkson & Bruce Campbell (cast)
Various creative and technical roles.

Brick -- Focus Features
Rian Johnson (director); Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emilie DeRavin & Meagan Good (cast)
Script consultation.

May -- Lionsgate
Lucky McKee (director); Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto & Anna Faris (cast)
Various creative, technical and marketing roles. My team won multiple awards, worldwide.

Highlights, by industry
*additionally, several major awards and sales achievements were earned through uncredited and/or non-disclosure contributions in film, publishing and music.


  • Owned It Award, MM Austin Advertising
    For copywriting and production contributions to the Austin Advertising Awards campaign and event, and additional service to the agency (in the role of Senior Copywriter).
  • Published in The Austin American-Statesman, "Holiday Shopping Guide"
    Commissioned to write an article; a collaboration with a newspaper staff member.
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Consecutive awards earned by my seven-person team at Macey Lipman Marketing, where I served as a National Marketing Director and also contributed copywriting and copyediting. They're among the top awards that can be earned in the music retail industry.
  • Marketer of The Year Awards, The National Association of Recording Merchandisers
    Included work for recording artists Andrea Bocelli, John Tesh, Yanni and Bad Boy Records (Puff Daddy/P. Diddy), among others. NARM is now known as The Music Business Association.

  • Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum Awards, The Recording Industry Association of America
    Multiple RIAA certification plaques awarded for sales achievements on a variety of projects, including Andrea Bocelli, John Tesh, Yanni and Bad Boy Records (Puff Daddy/P. Diddy), among others.





  • Promotional Model, iNetNow, Inc. / Lycos 411
    Selected to appear as a spokesmodel for print and digital ads for an Internet-based telecommunications product. A result of report writing and additional contributions made in the role of Lead Researcher, for the company's research department.


  • Document Collection, The University of Southern California
    Final undergraduate physics paper on an original electronic musical instrument design cited by USC physicist Dr. Steve Trullinger; notified that a copy was retained for the University's collection.





  • Featured Selection -- Animation, Protoclip: Le Festival International du Clip Musical
    For "Android In Love", a self-produced music video.



Includes many team awards. Additional international press and awards were earned on these and other projects.


  • Named a Maestro of Horror and Featured Panelist, Fangoria Magazine Weekend of Horrors
    Selected to appear alongside several of the most respected and groundbreaking composers who've worked within the horror genre, from the 1970s to present. The first-ever "Maestros of Horror" composer panel.

  • Featured Composer, La-La Land Records
    Career retrospective of early soundtrack works selected and released by renowned soundtrack label La-La Land Records, via a limited edition compilation album.

  • Best of Puchon, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (for 'Roman')


  • Best Film and Youth Jury Award: Best Feature Film, Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema (for 'May')


  • Premiere Award, Gérardmer Film Festival (for 'May')



  • Named 'One to Watch', cited by Variety Magazine

  • Named 'One to Watch', cited by Ain't It Cool News / Drew McWeeny (Moriarty)

  • Work Citation, by The Los Angeles Times / Kevin Thomas (for 'May')

  • Featured Music, score highlighted on TV's "Ebert and Roeper at the Movies" (for 'May')
    The late and legendary film critic Roger Ebert gave the project his signature "Thumbs Up", both on the show and in his column for the Chicago Sun-Times.


  • Best Film (nominated) and Best Soundtrack (nominated), Sitges - Catalunya International Film Festival (for 'May')

  • Featured Panelist, Fangoria Magazine
    Selected to appear among key cast and crew from the film 'May', at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors.





  • Reel Art: An Exhbition of Film, Television and Game Posters, posters, Bauhaus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


  • The Art of Sound: Modern Album Covers, album cover, The Duke Zagelbaum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


  • Feelanthropy: The Emotional Art of Charity, poster, Humana Gallery, New York, NY

  • Public Art Commission, "Diversity and Hope", poster, The Los Angeles Free Clinic, Los Angeles, CA


  • 1st Place / Grand Prize ($300), L.A. Free Clinic - Community Poster Campaign Design Contest, Los Angeles, CA


  • Public Art Commission, "Ticket To Ride" interior bus poster, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), Columbus, OH

Storytelling and Problem Solving


Drawing from versatile skills and diverse interests (spanning the arts, humanities, science and technology) allows me to add depth and detail to my work. Additional creative, technical and marketing skills enables me to contribute many more efficient solutions to every collaboration.


Print, digital and web. B2B and B2C. Radio and TV scripts. Style and tone tailored per goal and audience.


Add dimension, energy and color to non-fiction and fiction. Literary and genre. Detailed script coverage, too.


Thorough research & testing for accurate and clear documentation, marcom, and reports.


Compose, perform and produce most genres. Songs, jingles and scores. Licensing also available.


Consultation, troubleshooting, research and constructive feedback. Fist bumps and hugs.


Liaise and empower. Assess risks, then assemble and coordinate additional specialists, as needed.

Let's Go


You deserve engaging content and communication that breathes with mindfulness, purpose and credibility. Anchored and strengthened by sound and consistent judgment. In service of the team. In service of the work. In service of the audience and the cause.


                               -- Jammes Luckett


An extensive track record of distinctive and impactful ideas, from scratch. Helping people like you to expand upon your own inspiration, and to differentiate from the crowd.


Thorough exploration and strategy, for the most efficient path to the ultimate outcome: a narrative spark that your audience can embrace as their own.


Versatility and resourcefulness, in both solo missions and team efforts. Thoughtful, customized work delivered under budget and on schedule.


Wide-ranging experiences and interests ensure plenty of in-house solutions. Strategy, liaising and research skills add more comprehensive external ones to your back pocket.

Successful Partnerships


Over the years, I've been fortunate to work with a broad base of forward-thinking individuals and teams; international brands, startups and independents. They've entrusted me to bring fresh perspective. Manage departments. Circumvent limitations. Exceed expectations. And contribute something special.

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